Noticing issues with the way your child walks or runs? Flat feet or a pigeon toed walk? Most of the time this can be related to their normal development. Children go through many years of joint rotations whilst they’re growing, so it is normal that they will go through periods of having flat feet, knock kneed and bow legged. But if they're complaining or growing pains, or joint and muscle pain, please bring them to have their joints and walking checked.    

Does my child need orthotics or special shoes?

Depending on your child's problem, orthotics may be one treatment option. They are used to control movement that is causing pain and fit easily into current school shoes and joggers. Depending on the issue, stretching or strengthening exercises, strapping, padding and/or footwear advice may also be used.

Nowadays it is very rare for children to be required to wear braces or orthopaedic shoes, unless a neurological or development problem has been diagnosed. Commercial shoes are so good these days that appropriate shoes are available from common retail outlets at reasonable prices... Learn more >