A partial nail avulsion is used to remove a portion of a nail that is causing pain. It is very effective at removing an ingrowing nail permanently (95% success rate) and many studies have shown this form of nail removal had the lowest rates of re-growth compared with other surgical techniques. It also has the lowest post-operative pain because we are not making incisions in the skin and the nail cells are treated chemically, making it the procedure of choice.

Surgery is always used as a last resort for ingrowing toenails that cannot be managed conservatively with regular cutting and managing pressure on them. Despite being the procedure of choice, we do need to ascertain whether you are medically suitable to undergo this procedure in the chair. Some people may need prophylactic antibiotics (e.g. antibiotics before any procedure to give a safety net if you have had an joint implant or the area is very infected); or whether referral to a hospital for this procedure may be in your best interests (e.g. if you have an allergy to local anaesthetic, problems with blood flow to your feet, or severe medical conditions) but this is not common.

A partial nail avulsion is done under local aesthetic and you'll be booked about an hour to make sure we have plenty of time for the anaesthetic to entirely numb your toe. Then it only takes a few minutes to complete before we dress the toe up and send you home for a quiet few days. Normally we'll see you for two to three dressings and the area takes about 3 weeks to be completely healed. 

The rates of post-operative pain are minimal and the procedure very effective. Interested? Watch a video belowof the procedure and see how quick and simple it is, but a warning if you are squeamish.