Footology is an ethically based business that uses evidence-based practice to treat patients with foot and lower limb issues, seeing people as people, rather than seeing people as dollar figures. Our team of four podiatrists associate ourselves with local clinics such as Five Dock Medical Centre, Abbotsford Family Practice and Five Dock Physiotherapy, to ensure a multidisciplinary approach can be taken to best treat your issue.

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We're located inside Five Dock Medical Centre, opposite the Seven-11 near the intersection of Great North Road and Lyons Road. Head upstairs (there is a lift available) and down the end of the hall. Parking is available on the street and there is a bus stop at the front door (routes 415, 438, 439, 492 and 530).

Rebecca graduated from Western Sydney University in 2000 and worked in private practice and hospitals before buying Footology in 2005. Rebecca's main areas of interest is the high risk foot and connecting with patients to achieve their outcome. Rebecca is also involved in education, lecturing at WSU and UoN in ethical business practices, sports medicine, radiology, rheumatology and the high risk foot, and co-authored research in teaching and learning.  

Taryn graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2010 with a Bachelor of Podiatry. Since this time, Taryn has been a member of the Australian Podiatry Association and working in private practice. Taryn is dedicated to providing the best podiatry care for every personand enjoys getting to know her patients. Taryn has been a member of the Footology team since 2011. 

Megan graduated from Western Sydney University in 2007 and began work immediately in private practice. Working within multidisciplinary teams in the past and at Footology since 2012, Megan relishes the opinion and techniques of other allied health professionals to enhance her own podiatric care of patients. Megan has a keen interest in sports injuries, paediatric podiatry and the continuing care for patients with diabetes.

Laura graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine. She is a warm and compassionate Podiatrist who likes her patients to feel comfortable and understood. Laura enjoys all aspects of podiatry and takes a special interest in general foot and nail care, biomechanics, and ongoing diabetes management. Laura likes to work together with her patients to achieve the best possible outcome.


There are many different types of arthritis that can affect people, and can be broadly placed in two categories: "wear and-tear" arthritis affecting joints which sometimes need joint replacements; and inflammatory arthropathies such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and lupus that require a fine balance of medication and activity to control.

We work within teams of health professionals to improve your quality of life and keep you comfortable... Learn more >

Chronic conditions

Chronic conditions and ageing can make life challenging. Besides juggling symptoms, managing medications that might thin your blood (aspirin, warfarin) and increase bleeding, or those that reduce your immunity (chemotherapy, corticosteroids) and can increase your risk to infection, you may have issues reaching or seeing your painful feet. 

We can help you with seemingly simple problems like nail cutting and hard pressure points in a sterile environment to keep you safe - and all 10 toes... Learn more > and help with orthoses and footwear to offload those inflamed joints... Learn more >


Diabetes is the loss of normal control of blood sugar levels. There are multiple complications of diabetes which affect many systems and areas of the body, including your feet. In fact, foot complications result in more hospitalisations than any of the other complications to the eyes, kidneys or heart combined. 

With regular checks and learning how to take care of yourself, these complications can be dramatically reduced and your quality of life increased... Learn more >


Corns and callouses can be downright painful when you have to walk around all day! Good news is it's easily fixed and painless to do so.

It seems simple, but this is one of the most rewarding things to be able to help someone with - seeing someone walk into the office in pain and walk out pain free is fabulous. Seriously. Other issues aren't so quickly fixed and may take a bit more treatment, but are always working to have you leave pain free... Learn more >

children's feet

Noticing issues with the way your child walks or runs? Flat feet or a pigeon toed walk? This can be related to their normal development. Children go through many years of joint rotations whilst they’re growing, so it is normal that they will go through periods of having flat feet, being knock kneed and bow legged.

But if they're complaining of growing pains, or joint and muscle pain, please bring them to have their feet and walking checked... Learn more >

Muscle and joint problems

Pain can be caused by injury, footwear, doing too much too quickly, and overuse. Biomechanics is the branch of physics that studies the structure and function of the way you move. We use this to assess walking patterns and lower limb anatomy that may cause pain and injuries, such as bunion pain, heel pain, knee pain, shin splints, back pain, stress fractures and even corns and callouses.

If the way you're walking, or your biomechanics is the cause, we can discuss your options such as stretching, strengthening, footwear changes, orthotics, acupuncture, exercise prescription... Learn more >


Orthotics are shoe inserts that are used to reduce pain by correcting the way you're walking. Just like glasses, orthotics aren't as as easy as "one size fits all", what's best for you is individual and based on managing the problem you have. Orthotics may feel strange at first, but should not be painful, if they are it's a good sign something's wrong! 

Depending on you, and your pain, orthotics are generally paired with a program of other therapies such as stretching, strengthening orfootwear changes... Learn more >


Buying new shoes can feel a bit daunting at times, given the vast array of options. The top notch sport and walking shoe companies spend a lot of time and money on research into the technology they’re adding into their shoes, which is why it’s hard to pick the best brand to be your go-to.

And what do you wear to the Office? Or on a European walkingtrip???... Learn more >

yes, we are Archies suppliers!

Archies thongs are developed by a Physio, and loved by Pods! These comfortable arch support thongs look great; have a 1cm heel lift to take pressure off the achilles and the bottom of the heel (just like a jogger does); tighter toe straps to stop the thong swinging around and preventing having you from having to scrunch your toes to keep them on; and a softer separator to prevent irritation between the big toe and second toe.

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Need to know about making an appointment, if you need a referral or... just what is Podiatry? 

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