Chronic conditions are those that require intervention from several different health practitioners to help manage issues and prevent complications. Most commonly, the conditions we are actively involved in is the management of diabetes and arthritis related issues. 

Diabetes is the loss of normal control of blood sugar levels. There are multiple complications of diabetes which affect many systems and areas of the body, including your feet. In fact, foot complications result in more hospitalisations than any of the other complications to the eyes, kidneys or heart combined. We know that with regular checks and taking care of yourself, these complications can be dramatically reduced and your quality of life increased... Learn more >

There are many different types of arthritis that can effect people, and can be broadly placed in two categories: "wear and-tear" arthritis effecting joints which sometimes need joint replacements; and inflammatory arthropathies such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and lupus that require a fine balance of medication and activity to control. Health teams work together to improve your quality of life and keep you comfortable... Learn more >

But other chronic conditions may make managing your feet difficult. We have no issues helping you with simple problems like nail cutting if your vision is poor and you can't see your feet... we want you to keep all 10 toes! To reach your feet with spine, hip, hand or shoulder issues is chanllenging; or how difficult it must be to get to your feet with vertigo, neurological diseases or breathing problems - dangerous, if not impossible. 

If we turn our thoughts to mediations to manage that chronic condition, some may that thin your blood (aspirin, warfarin) will increase bleeding, or those that reduce your immunity (chemotherapy, corticosteriods) can increase your risk to infection... 

Nothing is too much trouble, if you're finding it all too hard, pop in and see us.